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Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest martial art form in the world if not the oldest itself.  “Kalaripayattu” is derived from two Malayalam words “Kalari” which means “Dojo” (Training Arena) and “ Payattu” which means sparring.  This art is commonly called as “Kalari”  again from malayalam Kala+hari, “Kala” means the bad (bad health, character, mind etc…) “hari” means to destroy or treat. Kalari chikitsa (Kalari Treatment) is meant to treat the patients suffering from various ailments. The depth of this great art is yet to be discovered, the marma kala was passed down from generations.

Kalaripayattu is known for its unique & complex techniques, such as Jumps, kicks and strikes which requires great flexibility, agility and explosiveness.  The basic form of Kalaripayatu is meypayattu, this will ensure the practitioners flexibility and mobility.

The Vital points in human body has always been debated, however Kalaripyattu Marma Kala is widely criticized among the modern science. There are 108 Marma Kendras (Vital Points) in human body. It was believed that Marma teaching are taught to Ayurveda Doctors to treat the patients.  Kalari Marma Chikitsa is one of those Ayurvedic System of treatment. 

There are  15 marma in each leg and 14  marma in each hand 45 marmas in between neck and Naval and below naval upto mooladhara there 9 marama located.  Each marma has got it’s own import ants.  Kalari chikitsa is unique system of treatment especially for orthopedic disorders and neuromuscular illness.  The knowledge of Marma plays a vital role while executing chikitsa ( Treatment ), the correct path of massage leads to good results, it depends on the person who is giving the treatment.   

There are some small vedeos are available on Karate Tv YouTube Channel.  Please click to the button down to view othere videos 

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