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Contemporary Dance & Movement Eduction WORKSHOP

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Gautam Nima is  starting a new Dance and Movement Education course in collaboration with Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science -Autonomous.

Gautam Nima, a Dance Artist, Musician, Singer, Choreographer, and Educator with 15+ years of experience, holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance and Choreography from Hollins University, Virginia, U.S.A. in collaboration with Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt, Germany.
As faculty at IIT, Goa, he developed courses like ‘Life Art Expressions’ and ‘Movement as Experience,’ fostering Self-knowing and Creative Authentic Self-Expression.
He has also taught at Kala Academy Goa, Goa College of Architecture, and Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science (Autonomous). Gautam creates a exploratory and nurturing space for individuals to explore their innate, unique & original dance and Authentic Creative Expression.

Course Objective:
This course offers an opportunity for individuals to experience an in-depth arts education in Contemporary Dance, Movement Improvisation, Choreographic Skills and Performance as an art form.
Studying dance and developing one’s own dance practice in historical, social and cultural contexts will help students have a deep sense of understanding of dance making and the choices they will make as artists.
Here, each student’s full potential, as an individual and a Performing Artist will be nurtured.

Through this course students will develop technical expertise in various dance forms and artistic expressive skills; they will cultivate body awareness and grow physical strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance as well as gain collaboration skills and self-confidence.

Students will explore an experiential, creative, contemplative and
interactive space where critical thinking and sharing creative ideas, feelings and observations will be encouraged and valued.

Students will engage in creative projects that will help students discover and develop their
artistic practice and their authentic creative expression. They will have opportunities to create their own choreography and perform in others’ dance projects as well.


“This course has surely helped me in developing a more deeper conscious relationship with my body. I had a thinking that my mind is everything & body is just a vehicle for it but now I know that I am as a whole me (my mind+my body=ME). I am more relaxed, peaceful, and self-aware. I am calmer during public speaking and stable in more aspects of my life. I can interact in a group of 15-18 people. Now I can move around however I like and it doesn’t matter if someone is watching or not. Hence, I feel that I am more stable, grounded and confident indeed”. 

— Sanskar, 3rd year, IIT Goa.

“Now I have a different definition of dance. My dance, my movement, my rhythm…I was able to find my dance where I can enjoy it and connect to myself. Firstly, I was shy and afraid, but now slowly I am ignoring my thoughts on others’ judgements and I am feeling the moment and enjoying it. Earlier, I was not concerned about my body, now I am observing and learning as I walk, sit, do activities and so on. I am now able to understand a lot more clearly about my emotional state. I improved my listening, speaking and understanding skills in these classes. This course gave me a chance to know my own story.” 

K. Monika, 4th year, IIT Goa.

” I used to think that I am not a dancer but after having explored my body and learnt how to move I can dance in my own authentic way which is quite original to myself. After taking this course I know a lot better who am I actually,… What I feel about myself. What actually defines me, and how can I tell them who am I.

I had never ever felt such confidence after every session, like before. It was only because of this course, I would say that I was able to perform in the acoustic night, otherwise I would have experienced several nervous breakdowns.” 

Kartik, 4th year, CSE BTech, IIT Goa.

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