National Grappling Championship 2023

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National Grappling Champonship 2023

Kerala MMA Association and Kerala Grappling Association are jointly conducting National Grappling Championship Sanctioned by the All India Mixed Martial Arts Federation at Indoor Stadium, Kozhikode, Kerala. 

 Speaking to the Karate Tv bureau Mr. Syam Prasad, President of Kerala MMA Association said that the event is aimed to get more trained players in MMA in the ground game, and the players find more difficulties in the ground game.  The grappling technique would help the players in MMA events both in National and International events.  This opens  door for the karate kickboxing and muaythai players to get into the ground game and get familiar with it to get into the glamour world of MMA


The Event is mainly aimed to get more grassroots players, there is some kind of relaxation executed in the main rules some techniques like leg locks are avoided to promote more players even at the sub-junior and junior levels. Considering the Masters of various associations there is a slight change in the age category instead of 12 years of age in the organizers included 9 years onwards and reduced the weight category from 62 and above to 56 Kg and above. 56 additional category is added to promote more grassroots players to the main event of MMA in National events and International events.

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