The OSM – IFMA’s Modern Muaythai Educational System

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The world of Muaythai is abuzz with excitement as the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) unveils its groundbreaking educational system, One Standard Muaythai (OSM). With the release of a campaign poster announcing the upcoming Muaythai event in Thrissur from November 17 to 19, curiosity has piqued about what OSM has in store for athletes, coaches, managers, and enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we delve deep into OSM, a modern educational system designed to elevate the standards of Muaythai worldwide.

The Vision of OSM: IFMA’s long-standing commitment to the sport of Muaythai has led to the development of a comprehensive educational system aimed at nurturing excellence. OSM, short for One Standard Muaythai, seeks to create a standardized pathway for individuals at all levels of experience and skill proficiency. It goes beyond mere technical aspects of Muaythai and encompasses a wide array of courses across various domains.

While OSM certainly covers the intricacies of Muaythai, it extends its reach into diverse areas of expertise. This includes Mai Muay, Luk Muay, Wai Kru, and Ram Muay, as well as essential topics like Anti-Doping, Fitness, Physiology, Psychology, Sports Injuries, Nutrition, Ethics, Safe Guarding, and the rich History of Muaythai. Each course within the OSM framework consists of two modules: a theoretical component and a practical component. These modules are delivered by top-tier educators and Ajrans, individuals who have achieved excellence in their respective domains.

Upon successful completion of OSM courses, participants earn official certification from IFMA. This certification grants them the status of IFMA official coaches, managers, or ranked athletes, adding prestige and credibility to their profiles. The IFMA Cultural & Heritage Commission, comprising esteemed Thai masters, plays a pivotal role in imparting practical and theoretical knowledge related to Muaythai’s cultural roots. Furthermore, academic experts from IFMA’s partner organizations, such as WADA, ITA, IOC, and others who recognize IFMA’s authority, contribute to enriching the educational experience.

Collaborating with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), IFMA encourages all coaches and athletes to complete the ADEL online courses as complementary requisites for the OSM certificate. OSM is not a one-time affair but a continuous educational journey divided into specific training tracks and timelines. Participants can progress through three levels of certification: L1 as the introductory level, L2 as the intermediate level, and L3 reserved for experts.
One Standard Muaythai (OSM) is a testament to IFMA’s unwavering dedication to elevating the sport of Muaythai to new heights. This modern educational system not only imparts technical skills but also enriches the minds and bodies of its participants with knowledge spanning various domains. With OSM, athletes, coaches, managers, and enthusiasts worldwide can embark on a journey of continuous learning and growth, ensuring that the legacy of Muaythai remains vibrant and strong for generations to come. So mark your calendars for the Muaythai event in Thrissur from November 17 to 19, and be a part of the OSM revolution!

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